DMRC Youth velodrome track rota and information



Rota updated for May17-Sep17.


Confirmation of each session is via the Go-Ride section of the forum.

Youth (Y) groups (Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4) are published on the Go-Ride section of the forum.

DMRC riders should check which group they are in on the forum.

DMRC Go-Ride is not a track club. Rider development comes through regularly attending all the Youth Go-Ride sessions (Outdoors and Indoors). Track access will be prioritised on riders who take this approach.


"YOUTH" = Derby Mercury club groups

"CD" = Cycle Derby club groups














As members of one of three go ride clubs in the City of Derby, our riders have access to a regular Wednesday night session from 6pm to 8pm. In that 2-hour session, two streams of riders will ride; there will be periods of track time as well as briefing/refuelling/roller warm up & down time, as appropriate. In total riders will be on the track 50% of the time. You are requested to arrive 30 minutes ahead of the start time for briefing.

The arena is an open facility. We encourage the independent rider, hence a parent free zone in the Riders “D”.

Sessions are organised to suit the abilities and capabilities of those Go-Riders who want to ride the boards. Minimum age is 9.

Since Oct15 Categories are now identified as YOUTH 1 (Y1), YOUTH 2 (Y2), YOUTH 3 (Y3), YOUTH 4 (Y4)

The rota for when each group rides is shown above on this page. This is subject to change so please keep checking this page and the DMRC forums.


All DMRC sessions are coach led by DMRC.

Price : £7 per session – this includes track bike and shoe hire and covers the hire charge for the track.

All monies are collected on the night.

Parental concession forms will be needed before a rider’s first session on the track.

Riders should learn the size of their hire bike, how to identify it from the rack as well as the size of their hire shoes.

Coaches will set the group that the rider belongs to. Progression from one category to another will be by coach recommendation.

For club youth members who are not in regular attendance at go ride sessions, the coaches request prior attendance at a non track session to understand coachability and capability of rider.

Proof of DMRC club membership will be required.








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