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Senior Track Riding

Derby Mercury Velodrome Sessions

Derby City Council have allocated Wednesday nights as ‘Derby Night’ at the Arena / Velodrome. This gives access to the track to local Derby club members. The evening is split into two parts, 6pm to 8pm is GoRide Junior/Youth and 8pm to 10pm Seniors.

The GoRide sessions are organised separately by the GoRide coaches.

The allocation for the Senior session is spilt across the four Derby City cycling clubs. These are Cycle Derby CC, Cycle Mickleover & Cyclo Monster, Derby Mercury RC and South Pennine CC. Each club is responsible for organising their own night on a 4 week rotation.

We may be allocated spaces for a whole group of riders in some of the other club sessions. These will be run as a standard Derby Mercury session with our own coaches.

A team has been formed to manage the Derby Mercury night.  They will allocate riders, book the Arena and manage payments. The initial list of riders has been drawn up based on length of membership (longest first) and club involvement (most active first). 

The Derby Mercury session is open to ALL current First Claim Derby Mercury members and also to active Second Claim members at the discretion of the Committee.

A First Claim Member is a full DMRC member who is eligible to race for Derby Mercury in road and track (if they wish).

A Second Claim Member is a member who is a First Claim member of another club and is eligible to race for that club.

If you are a Derby Mercury Member and wish to ride on the sessions you need to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your track experience. Your name will be added to the list.

It is very important that riders only ride for ONE club on these sessions. The aim of the sessions is equal access for all Derby riders to the track. If we find DMRC riders on other club nights they will be removed from the DMRC list. The only exception is where we are asked to fill last minute places.

How Each Session Works.

The sessions will be run on a standard Cluster format with 2 riders groups of 16 or 20 riders each riding in 20 minute blocks i.e. 1 hour total riding time. The session will be coached by our own Coaches.

The riders groups have initially been based on self assessments but will change as riders become more experienced and it is the Coaches decision which group a rider should be in.

When the dates for the sessions are known we will decide on the rider grouping for that night based on experience e.g. Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Experienced. Places will be offered to registered riders in rotation.

The selected riders will be emailed informing them of the session Time & Date and the cut off dates for acceptance. This will be followed by a Teamer request to allow the riders to Accept or Decline the invitation. Teamer is an online team management tool which allows the organisers to easily manage the riders. 

More information on Teamer can be found here Click on the Demo at the top.

After the Cut Off date spare places will be offered to the Reserve riders. 

Please DO NOT change your status on Teamer once you have Accepted or Declined as this will prevent us managing the session. If there is a problem please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Once the groups are full a final confirmation email will be sent to all the riders and the Members section of the Forum will be updated with the riders list for that session.

We will be using Teamer to collect the payments online once our Bank Account has been setup

The cost will be £10 for the DMRC session + Bike / Shoe hire at the Arena rates if required. We will aim to lower this cost once the online payment system has been setup.

If you accept a place you MUST turn up..

You must give at least 48 hours notice to change a place. Failure to show up on the night will still be charged and you may not be offered future sessions with the club. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there are any changes.

This is because the club is responsible for paying for the hire of the Velodrome 2 weeks in advance and the club cannot afford to lose money on each session.

On The Night

If you have requested a Hire Bike / Shoes you will need to arrive by 7:20pm and pay for your bike and/or shoes at Reception.

Signing on and payment will be in the Café area to minimise congestion in the riders D with the earlier GoRide groups. 

You need to be ready at 7:45pm for a Riders Briefing with the Coaches.

Our coaches have prepared a Riders Help Sheet detailing what you require.

Last Minute Places

The Club may be offered last minute places to fill gaps on other clubs sessions. If this happens we will email the appropriate DMRC rider group, e.g. Beginners, with the contact details of the organising club and update the Forum / Facebook. It is then up to the riders to contact the organising club directly if they wish to ride. These session will not be coached by a DMRC coach and are outside of the DMRC rota.

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