1s 4.11 Adam Kenwax - Buzz Cycles
2nd 4.21 Stephen "Pricey" Price - Derby Mercury (Winner of Club Hill Climb Trophy)
3rd 4.22 Kev White - Matlock CC (First V40)
4th 4.3 Pete Johnson (2nd Merc)
5th 4.36 Harry Crew (First Youth/3rd Merc)
6th 4.47 Edd Pickard
7th 4.51 Pete Turner (First V50)
8th 4.57 Dave Banks
9th 5.05 Matt Crouch
10th 5.22 Jim Crew
11th 5.48 Lee Blades
12th 6.28 Bailey Wilmot (2nd Youth)
12th 6.28 Scott Savage
14th 6.32 Clare Clewer (First woman)
15th 6.33 Carlos Abrahams
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